Raw, Tasty and Beautiful
Far in the north, in the world's most beautiful island kingdom, in crystal clear water we grow seaweed of the highest quality

Welcome to Lofoten Blue Harvest

In the shallow fjords under the mountains in Lofoten, an ancient resource has been lying untapped for centuries while modern civilization grew up all around it.

Though people have known about it and used it from time to time, seaweed was always overshadowed by the other resources that Lofoten, with all it's treasures, had to offer. Now a new adventure is beginning, a re-discovery of an ancient food source that people and animals used to supplement their diets with. A modern day superfood, rich in minerals, bursting with flavor and now finally available on a large scale. This is North-Atlantic kelp, straight from the fresh arctic waters of Lofoten.

Lofoten Blue Harvest is dedicated to producing the best seaweed from our local stock of arctic kelp, cultivated to ensure quality and a sustainable production, the way Nature intended, raw, tasty and beautiful.